About Us

Locally Made

Our family-owned winery is located in the rolling fields made of dreams - Dyersville, IA. We believe Iowa is the wine capital of the United States, contrary to popular belief. Our philosophy is to explore the best of the best throughout the country, and bring a little bit of everything back home to the Midwest.

Nationally Grown

Our juices and grapes come from the outer reaches of the continental United States (and the world!) to ensure the highest quality of flavors you'll find anywhere. From California to New York - Australia to Earlville, IA - our wines will remind you of something familiar, yet take you places you've never been before. 

The Winemakers

Hi! My name is Karie, and with husband Lee, we own and operate O So Good Winery out of our home in the heart of Dyersville, IA. We began visiting wineries in the area about 10 years ago and fell in love with the unique atmosphere and friendly hospitality of each individual business. After a few years, we decided to try it ourselves! It's been a fun journey so far - we can't wait to see how our wine-loving community grows in the years to come. 

Great for Any Occasion!

Whether you're looking for a wine to include at your next big gathering or just girls' night out, O So Good Wines are perfect for any occasion on your calendar! We are featured at a variety of local stores and businesses around Dyersville, but we would also love to see you stop in for a tasting sometime! Please check out our Visit Us page for more information about our locations, and make sure to sign up for our email list to stay in the loop!